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Empowering 21st Century Leaders
Dr. Logan leads inclusive leadership discussions, unconscious bias and stereotype threat training, speaks on microaggressions in the workforce, and discusses cultural intelligence in order to call into conversation these critical topics.  Commonly, Dr. Logan facilitates dialogue and training for businesses, nonprofits, and schools.

Creating an Organizational Culture of Racial Equity.
How can leaders and organizations meet the growing needs of stakeholders from diverse racial and ethnic groups? Where do you start? Develop the necessary awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, motivation, and skills for growing inclusive leadership and creating a culture and climate of racial equity and inclusion.

Navigating Trends & Seizing Opportunities for Business Growth in a Diverse Workplace
What are the challenges and opportunities of diversity in the workplace?  How can organizations and corporations best respond to the challenges and complexities that come alongside progress?  How can your organization respond proactively instead of reactively to the times?

Developing Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in the Workforce
Develop strategies and self-awareness when interacting with and managing a diverse workforce.  How can we act with sensitivity and strength to empower everyone at work?  Effective management styles and cross-cultural awareness can maximize your profit margins and ensure everyone feels at their best potential at work.

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Powerful Lessons on Life, Love and Equity Drawn from Living in 23 Countries
Insights learned from living and working in North and Central America, the Caribbean, South Pacific, Southern and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and West Africa. What are keys to developing multicultural relationships? How do we develop healthy self-identity, achieve prosperity, and overcome life’s toughest obstacles? How can we develop cultural intelligence and a global mindset?

How to Manage Complex Relationships
Insights learned from real-life experiences with marriage, divorce, multicultural relationships, blended families, and single parenting. What are keys to diverse and multicultural relationships that are successful? How do we prepare our children to lead and succeed in a complex global world? Develop strategies, self-awareness and action plans for engaging in complex relationships.

Proven Strategies for Developing Resilience to Life’s Greatest Challenges
Based on real-life experiences including surviving a plane crash landing, malaria, encounters with bears, and getting lost overnight in the forest. How do you discover purpose, passion and vocation? What is the number one challenge people are faced with and how do we overcome it? How can we best respond to the challenges and occasions we encounter in life?

For Business

Developing Cultural Competence and Inclusive Leadership

Steps and Strategies for Creating an Organizational Culture of Racial Equity

Leadership Keys for Mission-Driven Diversity Training

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in the Workforce

Eradicating Implicit Bias, Micro-Inequities and Stereotype Threat in Organizations

Tailored for Youth…Academic Identity Development for Diverse Students

Tailored for Parents…Culturally Responsive Parenting Strategies

Tailored for Educators…Success Strategies for Culturally Diverse Groups of Students

For You

Cultivate cultural competence for successful multicultural relationships.

Proven strategies for developing resilience to life’s greatest challenges

Develop a healthy, positive sense of racial, cultural, and ethnic identity for your personal, academic, professional, and civic success.

Implementing successful parenting techniques from different cultures.

Build resilience to overcome cultural and racial obstacles.

For Business

How to Succeed on Foreign Assignment
Develop necessary cross-cultural awareness and behaviors to thrive while traveling, living, and working internationally.

Cultivate Cultural Competence
Learn to effectively manage diverse teams, be conscious of unconscious biases, and how micro-inequities and stereotypes manifest at work.

Develop Inclusive and Global Leaders
Strengthen individual leadership styles to effectively engage with diversity, equity, and inclusion opportunities within your organization.

Achieve Wellness and Balance
Develop a healthier lifestyle and become more effective at home, work, and in relationships with others.

Grow Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
Build self and interpersonal awareness to better understand, connect with, and effectively lead people from a range of backgrounds.

For You

Prioritize key professional and personal goals, and develop a strategy to attain them.

Cultivate the skills to effectively work with diverse groups of people.

Explore your racial and ethnic identity for your personal, academic, professional, and civic success.

Overcome adversity, take risks, and create the life you want to live.


A signature deep dive assessment to identify untapped opportunities for growth in organizations and powerful leadership potential in teams and individuals.

An interactive, engaging workshop which facilitates critical reflection in and among participants and empowers them to create lasting change.

A fully customized training and education program catering to team dynamics and individual learning styles in order to help clients maximize strengths and overcome challenges.