Meet Dr. Gilo Kwesi Logan

World-Class Explorer, Global Thought Leader, Talented Author, Veteran Speaker, Astute Businessman, Experienced Consultant, Coach, Strategist, Mentor, Facilitator, Professor, Loving Husband, Devoted Father.

In an increasingly diverse, interconnected, and at times, seemingly polarized society, Dr. Logan helps leaders and teams develop skills in cultural intelligence in order to achieve their goals of global leadership, recruiting and retaining diverse talent, and facilitating an inclusive organizational culture, for the overall growth of their business and employees. At the heart of the work is the belief that companies and teams thrive when its employees can be critically reflective and can safely engage in thoughtful, productive, and deliberate discussions on diversity and inclusion.

As a public speaker, Dr. Logan combines this professional and academic specialization in multicultural education with his own personal history. Growing up in Evanston, Illinois, he learned of social justice not from watching the news, but from watching his father serve as the first Black police chief of Evanston and go onto serve as a bodyguard to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

With experience spanning over twenty years and throughout twenty-three countries, Dr. Logan has provided expertly researched and demonstrably effective leadership and diversity training to multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, school districts, college campuses, and government agencies.

Upon returning to the United States after more than seven years living and working in twenty-three countries, Dr. Logan founded two organizations, S.O.U.L. Creations and Logan Consulting Services, and has partnered with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, top universities, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement agencies, and community groups.  His mission? To help leaders, organizations, teams, and individuals develop leadership competencies to succeed in an increasingly complex and diverse global society.

Dr. Logan speaks to audiences about inclusive leadership, cultural intelligence, and cross-cultural experiences in an engaging, inspiring, and dynamic way. Dr. Logan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing (Southern Illinois University), a Master’s degree in Elementary Education (National Louis University), and a Doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education (National Louis University). In addition to his consultancy and public speaking work, Dr. Logan serves as a professor of Diversity and Social Justice at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL. Further, he is a member of the Illinois Diversity Council, a National Diversity Council Certified Diversity Professional, and the founder of S.O.U.L. Creations.

Dr. Logan is the author of the Logan Uhuru Model of Self to Self Ethnic Liberatory Transformation. He is also a recipient of the World of Poetry’s Golden Poet Award for his poem, When You Think. Dr. Logan is currently writing his next book, The Journey of SOUL: Insights for Developing Identity, Facing Adversity and Creating the Life You Deserve, coming spring of 2021.

In his spare time, Dr. Logan can be found listening to music, eating a bowl of vegan popcorn and spending time with his wife, Miah, and their three sons.